Our pricing is simple, flexible and straight forward.


We charge flat rates for bulk items, mattresses/boxsprings, appliances/refrigerators and electronics/TVs and charge by volume for debris piles such as yard waste, remodeling debris, misc. junk piles, etc. We adjust based on loading effort (i.e. backyard vs. curb) and by material (pile of sod vs. pile of cardboard). 

We do not add ANY add-on fees to our prices. No surcharge, no travel fees, no tax. You can rest assured that you won’t be blindsided by an unexpected fee. We also offer evening and Saturday pick-ups at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

We have NO minimum for Castle Rock or Castle Pines Village residents and a $100 minimum for other areas within Douglas County.

For all pricing information, please fill out the estimate form at the bottom of the screen or give us a call/text at 720-443-1470.


1. If your items are in good condition, check with local charities who may pick up your items from your curb for free. There are also many platforms (Facebook, NextDoor, and several other apps) you can use to give away your items directly to people who may find your items useful. Giving is free and we encourage our customers to try this first before paying us or any other junk hauler to take it.

2. Check with your weekly trash service to see what they offer in your area. All trash companies are different and it even fluctuates based on what agreement they have with your HOA. If they give you a price, make sure they are telling you the FULL amount (surcharge, tax, etc) and not just the base price. Then compare their price to our price to ensure you are getting the best deal.

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Contact us for a free estimate by filling out the form below or texting us at 720-443-1470.

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